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Have you given a referral lately? Why not get paid next time you do so.

Get rewarded for referring someone that takes up the offer

Talk to your friends and acquaintances about services and  products you’d use, just as you would normally. When they redeem something via Yontras you get a little something, and they do too.

Make more by getting small businesses the deals they deserve

Whether you run a business or are just passionate about seeing small businesses do well, pick any of our Partners to work with and spread the love and success around. They win, you win and the Partner wins too.

3 easy ways to start referring and earning on Yontras


Sign up in just a few seconds and go to the Referrers Area on Yontras. Fill out the details asked for and become a Referrer.


Choose the Partners you like in the Marketplace and start referring their offers. Note your username for offline referring.


Get rewarded for any offers redeemed from your referral. Keep an eye on your Referrers Area to see your rewards pile up.

What's a "REFERRER"?

Yontras is dedicated to helping startups and SMEs get the best deals for them specifically. That’s why we work with great Partners that give them that winning feeling. But not everyone knows about these great Partners, which is where Referrers come in. As a Referrer you know what your friend who runs a business wants, so you can tell them about a great offer that suits them perfectly. And for helping your friend, we’ll give you a reward, and give them a little something too.

Why become a Referrer?

Referring an offer can help a friend, a small business or a startup get the best deal on something they want and improve their business. Referring the offer will also show your loyalty to that Partner Business if you are an SME yourself. This helps them keep improving the quality of their offering. It’s not just about the rewards. People talk about different products and services to their friends every day. Yontras has just come up with a way for those businesses to show their gratitude.

Who can become a Referrer?

Anyone can be a Referrer. You most likely have friends, family and/or acquaintances whose businesses you would like to see benefit from a great offer. When logged in you can refer it to them in a minute. Offers on Yontras are great for all sorts of businesses. Be it your hairdresser, accountant, local shop, gardener, plumber, independent restaurant, etc. The list is endless. Yes you could make some extra money, but what’s more satisfying is going out, talking to people and seeing them win while you win as well. It’s a no brainer really.

Still have questions? Here are some of our FAQs.

It depends on how large your network or following is. We encourage all Referrers to have had some experience with the offer they are referring and to only refer to people they know want or need the offer. A reasonable income can be made, especially when you help those in your network to refer offers to their own friends. This can be a good side hustle.

It’s completely FREE! It does not cost anything to sign up and it’s free to enjoy all the current benefits of being a Referrer. There are additional benefits that will be coming soon which might have a monthly membership fee. You will be made aware well in advance if and when these benefits and fees are introduced.

Yes you can refer friends, family, colleagues and any other acquaintances to join Yontras. Once they do they will become a member of your network on the platform.

*This feature will be coming soon but will apply to any existing networks.* When you refer a friend, family member, colleague, etc to join Yontras, they will become a member of your Network. Once they join they can refer offers like anyone else. For any referral they make that makes a purchase, you as the network leader will get small reward for that as long as you are still active on Yontras. You can have as many people in your network as you would like and by encouraging everyone to be actively referring and building their own networks, you will consequently earn extra rewards.

Rewards for the Customer come in the form of cashback, a discount on that Offer or a future Offer, or as points on Yontras. Rewards go to the Referrer in the form of money paid to them, a discount on a future offer or as points on Yontras unless otherwise specified.

Points on Yontras can be redeemed for cash after reaching a certain amount, redeemed as vouchers or used to redeem offers from participating Partners in the Marketplace. These points are called Refas.

The amount you have earned will be shown in your account under the Referrers Area on Yontras.com. This amount may be shown in points or currency and you can choose to redeem as cash paid via PayPal or into your bank account, redeem as vouchers, or use the amount to Redeem offers on Yontras.

Yes. If there are offers that another Referrer is not familiar with, and they redeem it via your referral, then you can get rewarded for that.

“if I refer a service to them, I get a little something myself... it's brilliant!”

"It was free and pretty easy to sign up. I speak to a lot of founders and now if I refer a service to them, I get a little something myself. Shared office space and a good accountant are always in need. It's all a win-win-win situation. It's brilliant!"
Ashley D.

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