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Welcome to Yontras. The refer-a-friend marketplace for small businesses.

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We work with great businesses to bring you rewarding offers. Literally! Take a look at the awesome range here.

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You already tell friends about offers simply because they are good. Now you can get rewarded for doing just that. 

Get paid for getting The Essentials

Refer a friend and get rewarded

Look around and discover something you like: Redeem it, Refer a friend to it and get Rewarded if they redeem as well.

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Join Yontras to get the best deals and to refer them to your acquaintances. It’s simple, it’s easy and above all it’s FREE!

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For support with an Offer, the Redeeming of it, our Partners, rewards/payments, or anything else, just get in touch anytime.

Creating a win-win-win scenario

We aim to make our customers, our referrers, and our Partner Businesses happy always. That's what business should look like.

Our Customers are very important to us. We work with our Partners to find you the best deals.

On top of that you also get a reward for redeeming the offer from us. Be it a discount on the offer, cashback upon redeeming or another type of reward. Shop with Yontras and be confident you are getting a great deal from a great Partner you will be happy about.

Our Referrers are the life-blood of who we are. You are all ordinary people that have had a great experience with the product or service on offer.

By telling your network of friends, family and acquaintances, those who redeem an offer become our Customer. For this you’ll get cashback or another form of reward which makes you happy.

Our Partners, the awesome businesses that provide the products and services (the offers).

You provide such a great experience that Referrers can’t help but talk about you to their friends, who then redeem your offer as well, becoming your customers. These are people you may never have thought would redeem your offer which is why you are happy.

How it works

These are the products and services listed in our Marketplace. They comprise of all sorts of products that can be found in the relevant categories. All Offers are provided by businesses we work with (our Partners). We connect our Partners with their Customers through our Referrers.

Once signed up for a referral account, anyone can Refer an Offer. This simply is to share the Offer with people in your network that may be interested in it. We have made this easy to do via the Offer page or through the Referrers Area. It can also be done offline by simply giving out your username.

To Redeem an Offer is to purchase, subscribe or sign up to a product or service. Redeeming by making a payment is usually done through our secure checkout, however there are instructions on every Offer page on how this can be done if there is no payment due at the point of Redeeming.

Once the person referred Redeems the Offer, it’s Rewards all round. Rewards go to the Customer in the form of cashback or a discount on that Offer or a future Offer. Rewards go the Referrer in the form of money paid to them or a discount on a future offer, unless otherwise specified.

What some of our Referrers are saying

"I love taking photos and travelling. Doing it as a freelancer allows me to work on the business and meet some great people. Most clients I get need photos, but in more cases than not, they need other services too that I can refer to them via Yontras. Now I make some extra money during quiet periods and am still able to travel around the world."
"It was free and pretty easy to sign up for Yontras so it was a no brainer. I am just really interested in startups and seeing entrepreneurs gain traction and do well. I speak to a lot of founders and now if I refer a service to them, I get a little something myself. Shared office space and a good accountant are always in need. It's all a win-win-win situation. It's brilliant!"
Bar Manager
"I signed up as a Referrer as well as being a Partner. So far I've made some extra money just recommending my clients to products and services I would have referred to them anyway. I also got a few clients referred to me which I never would have found otherwise. Not only am I growing my business, but I'm helping others grow theirs too. Thanks guys!"
Owner, Renune Web Solutions

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